Eugenics And Anti-Religious Hate Group Bullies Pro-Life Proponents

Local hate group member aggressively berates pro-life proponent while spewing anti-religious hate speech. reported that a South Bend pro eugenics hate group has been harassing and bullying pro-life proponents offering help to women near the Whole Women’s Health abortion clinic. They also showed their anti-religious bigotry when one of their members aggressively berated a member of the pro-life group. Video of this confrontation is included in the Real News Michiana story.

Planned Parenthood, and clinics like Whole Women’s Health carry out the legacy of Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who envisioned exterminating minorities through abortion.  To this day, the majority of these clinics are located in predominantly minority areas, and disproportionately abort more minority babies than white.

You can read about this and see the video here:

WATCH: South Bend’s extreme abortion clinic volunteers

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