Hate Group Protest Based On False Media Narrative In South Bend

Groups known to be Marxist, terrorist, anti-civil rights, and push false claims of racism gathered together on a street corner in South Bend on Monday to protest a false media narrative; Asian hate.  This was in response to the shootings in Atlanta that were found to have no motive of racism.  This type of group frequently try to assign victimhood to other groups in hopes of increasing their numbers.

There were no reports of property damage, assaults, or street blocking during the protest.

2 thoughts on “Hate Group Protest Based On False Media Narrative In South Bend

  1. Hate group? Gee. What about groups like Proud Boys, Boogaloos, Patriots Prayer, and Christian Identity? All connected to the KKK White Supremacy Alt-Right Groups. How many people in churches, synagogues, and temples been killed by these thugs for their religious, political, or liberal views?

    1. All hate groups listed on StopTheHateMichiana.org are carefully screened to ensure that the reason for being listed as a hate group is valid. You will find that unlike ultra-biased websites that will arbitrarily list right-wing groups based solely on their conservative politics as hate groups, we will list any group based in hate, or intent to harm others regardless of their political affiliation.
      Of the groups you listed, Proud Boys have been found to be a multi-ethnic group and there is no record of any hate speech or activity from them. Boogaloo movement groups have a variety of ideologies. Some are militia, anti-government, and some are racist/white-supremacist. We found no evidence of hate speech or activity from Patriots Prayer. Our research found that the ultra-biased media and groups attempt to paint them as a hate group because they oppose the Marxist, terrorist, fascist hate group Antifa. Christian Identity is in fact a racist and anti-semitic hate group, but no affiliation to them was found in the Michiana area.
      Unfortunately, the mainstream media in our country is so biased that they routinely make false accusations of hate and racism about groups that don’t share their ideology. These media outlets themselves should be listed as hate groups.

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