Hate Group Member Assaults Protester During Child Exploitation And Sexualization Event In Goshen Indiana

Hate Group member Becca Royce, who assaulted a protester.  Facebook

Please note that posted the following update:  ****Update:  Organizers canceled the “youth drag show” part of the event, so the planned child exploitation and sexualization didn’t happen due to overwhelming public outrage. is also working to acquire evidence of the assault, but were informed that it was reported to police******

Article from 7/18/21

“Members of multiple hate groups converged at a park in Goshen Indiana for a “youth drag show and party” to exploit and sexualize children.  Real News Michiana investigated this event,

Child exploitation and sexualization event organizer, hate group member, and middle school teacher Naomi Zook.  Facebook
Hate Group member Becca Royce, who assaulted a protester.  Facebook

and found that middle school teacher Naomi Zook, also a member of hate groups, was an organizer for this event.  A permit was obtained by  the city, but Real News Michiana found the organizers were vague with their description of the event.  Democrat Mayor of Goshen Jeremy Stutsman was contacted by multiple people to complain about the event, but, according to some who contacted him,  he showed no concern.

Anonymous sources who were protesting the event witnessed another member of multiple hate groups Becca Royce of Leesburg assaulting a person who was protesting the event.  At the time of this article, no arrest has been made.”

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