KKK Group Distributes Applications For Membership In Michiana

KKK application and letter

Several South Bend residents have reported that they have received applications to join the “Church of the national knights of the Ku Klux Klan” apparently also known as “Church of the National Knights Imperial Palace” according to the letter attached.  The letter is poorly written and the application appears to be typed and copied on antiquated equipment.  It has a list of what appear to be requirements for membership, including “I will obey the Emporor,Eric Orion”.  STHM has attempted to locate and interview Mr. Orion, but have been unable to find any contact information.

If any of our viewers know how to contact Eric Orion, please let us know at HGW_Admin@protonmail.com

KKK recruiting letter                                 
KKK application

2 thoughts on “KKK Group Distributes Applications For Membership In Michiana

  1. Even though KKK fliers and recruitment letters are still found in Michiana communities, including just last month in St. Joseph County, Robb said today’s Klan is less focused on its membership growing, and more focused on its message spreading. The Knights Party website advocates for fairly common policy positions; like closing the border, d amendment rights, and America-first trade policies. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups like the KKK, says Robb, as the successor of David Duke, has tried to re-frame the Ku Klux Klan as a, “white civil rights” organization, while spreading the same racist views as the KKK of the past.

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